Activate. Align. Ascend.

Activate Your Powers of Manifestation, Align with Your Purpose & Ignite Expansive Success in Your Life & Business

You know you’re here for a reason. A purpose.

You have dreams — visions — of achieving aligned success, abundance and fulfillment not just for yourself but for all those whose lives you touch including your soulmate clients.

You’re a gifted coach or a powerful healer. Maybe you’re a skilled business strategist, or a genius creative…

And you have big dreams.

But lately, something’s shifted. You’ve been feeling disappointed. Disheartened.


That drive, that magical light inside you…

That deep desire to grow a beautiful, profitable business doing what you love…

It’s no longer a blaze of passion and purpose …

It’s now just a tiny spark that’s in danger of going out altogether.

Because you’re worn out. Exhausted.

Tired of running yourself ragged…

Deep inside, you already know the truth…

That you have what it takes to make these dreams and visions a reality. You have the talent, the gifts and the drive to make it happen.

Have you ever had the Universe magically intervene and hand you a solution just when you thought you’d hit a brick wall and there was nowhere else to go?

Well, we’ve had that happen many times and we’re here to tell you that THIS is one of those times.

You’re here and it isn’t just a coincidence. It’s Divine Alignment and Divine Timing at play.

If you’ve read this far, if all of this resonates, then we’re here to tell you…

This is a sign.

You’re NOT meant to play small, hide your power or heaven forbid…give up!

You’re NOT meant to stay stuck, feel anything less than deep, authentic confidence in your own gifts, skills and abilities…

You are meant for more. SO much more (you wouldn’t be here, reading these words if you weren’t!)

We’re Cameo Gore and Suzanne Adams

and we’re here to show you how to tap into the infinite power of your true self, attract your soulmate clients and manifest abundance in your, business with graceful flow and ease.

We’ve had the honor and the privilege to host multiple, soul-shifting, retreats for scores of conscious, creative, spiritual women entrepreneurs.

We love hosting live gatherings but there are only so many retreats we can run each year due to the level of focus, attention, love and dedication we offer each beautiful soul who attends our live gatherings…

While we are happy to reach so many women at our life-changing, biz shifting retreat experiences, we knew that we needed to do more.

  • We want as many women as possible to grow thriving spiritual businesses that will elevate the world of entrepreneurship
  • We want as many women as possible to experience the beauty and joy of living with limitless abundance and in full alignment with who they are, what they believe …

And that’s why we are bringing you a one-of-a-kind online experience that will take you to new heights of abundance, freedom and spiritual evolution.

This is powerful online program includes every bit of the magic and transformational energy of our live retreats.

These are the Incredible Shifts and Transformations You Can Expect to Receive …

  • Start to take massive, aligned action to bring your business goals from the world of vision into the world of reality
  • Bust through every single fear that has been keeping you playing small so you can own your power
  • Understand why your voice matters and why you MUST share your mission and message with the world
  • Feel relaxed about becoming more visible online and across all platforms as you freely share your gifts and talents so your soulmate clients will find you (no more chasing clients every month!)
  • Be activated to achieve new heights of success, monetize your mission and your message and attract money in an easy, ongoing flow
  • Release old beliefs and negative behavior patterns that are causing you to be stuck and holding you back from earning your worth.
  • Tap into and heighten your gifts for authentic confidence so you can serve your clients at the highest level.

“I don’t even have words for how amazing this entire experience was.”

I am leaving here with so many tools that I didn’t know existed. I feel rejuvenated, refreshed, inspired and alive in a new and powerful way.


Your 7-Week Journey to Soulful Alignment, Massive Expansion and Aligned Success….

Module 1: Connecting with Your sovereign Power Module 2: Activating Your Boldest Dreams Module 3: Practicing Magnetic Leadership Module 4: Amplifying Your Intuitive Wisdom Module 5: Monetizing Your Unique Mission Module 6: Channeling Your Authentic Voice Module 7: Dissolving Fears of Visibility

Here’s how Ignite & Expand: The Digital Experience will unfold…

Never-Before-Released Live Videos (Value $1200)

All 7 modules will be delivered as video recordings of our live retreat. You’ll have the luxury of experiencing each module at your own pace or go through all of them at lightning speed…it’s completely up to you!

Wealth Consciousness Activation Coaching Calls (Value $1200)

To augment and maximize your Digital Experience, we will be offering 3 group coaching calls. This is your chance to ask us any questions that may come up for you as you experience this program.

Powerful Online Sanctuary (Value…Priceless!)

You will receive an invitation to join an exclusive community of kindred spirits as you embark on this journey to soulful success, abundance and fulfillment. This is a dynamic community of loving, supportive, ambitious  women entrepreneurs who are ready to connect and share insights and experiences. Plus unlimited access to Cameo and Suzanne

Extra Special Bonuses Just For You…

Divine, Game-Changing Meditations

You will also receive FREE MP3s of meditations to support your journey through each module. Do keep in mind that these are not ordinary recordings. These are incredibly powerful guided meditations designed to create remarkable shifts. You will find yourself taking massive, confident action to move forward in your life and business Deep Discount to Join the  Ignite and Expand Live Palm Beach Retreat (Value $200)

The next Ignite and Expand retreat will take place in 2018 at Palm Beach, Florida and you will receive an exciting discount to join us LIVE! If you’ve been dreaming of being a part of Ignite and Expand live retreat this is your chance to make that dream a reality!


“I would absolutely recommend this experience.”

I am so proud of myself for following my gut and listening to my intuition that was nudging me toward this magical and transformational experience. If you a voice telling you that this is for you, do yourself a favor and follow it!


I’m Ready to Ignite & Expand to Create Extraordinary Success & Abundance in my Life & Business

total course value: $2400

Your energy exchange is only:

One payment of: $699


Two payments of: $377

When you make the decision to dive into this Experience, you will receive:

  • Aligned support that includes powerful strategies and techniques plus magical tools to maximize growth and expansion within you and in your unique business
  • Top secret, proven, manifestation techniques you won’t find anywhere else. You will use these tools to call in incredible abundance in your life and business
  • Energy clearing experiences designed to release both conscious and unconscious self-sabotaging blocks that are standing between you and your dream business and life
  • A deep understanding that will transform your entire view on money, abundance and wealth. You will develop wealth consciousness at a level that will allow you to value the work you love at a high level and feel happy and excited about charging, accordingly…plus so much more!

Plus so much more!

I’m Ready to Ignite & Expand to the Highest Levels of Success & Abundance in my Life & Business

Hi, it’s Cameo here…

  • Intuitive Coach helping clients scale to 7 figure + businesses
  • Shaman and Intuitive Energy Healer
  • Cameo has been featured on Inspired Coach Magazine, Huffington Post, and SF Yoga Magazine
  • Co Founder of Ignite and Expand retreat and events

I guide amazing women entrepreneurs to experience, healing, abundance and freedom as they serve the world with their gifts and talents.

Hi! It’s Suzanne here……

  • Hay House World Summit Speaker
  • Bestselling Author of Musings of an Earth Angel
  • Suzanne has been featured on and had recent TV segments on NBC & Fox
  • Co Founder of Ignite and Expand retreat and events

I’m now dedicated to guiding other women to create success and happiness by finding the courage to follow their true passion so they can skyrocket their personal and professional growth and abundance.

total course value: $2400

Your energy exchange is only:

One payment of: $699


Two payments of: $377


“The sisterhood that is created at these experiences blows me always every single time.”

I am leaving here with more confidence, a lot more expansion, more excitement and bigger game plan for my life and my mission.



MIND BLOWING, life changing and soul soothing! A must do for anyone looking to create happiness and abundance in their life.



I healed in areas I didn’t even know that needed it! I felt my heart heal and felt my spirit expand and this prepared me for the next stage of my life!



What an incredible environment to take my faith to a whole new level. I am leaving this experience lighter, happier and a different person.



If we all experienced what I have experienced here, we will change the world…. and that is what Ignite and Expand is all about. Totally life changing!


total course value: $2400

Your energy exchange is only:

One payment of: $699


Two payments of: $377

DISCLAIMER: There are no guaranteed or warranted results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students. 

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