It’s time to finally give yourself the permission you need to create your next level of freedom and success…

You are invited to join us in Palm Beach, FL for this life changing experience…


“As someone who has been on these adventures twice, I can say that it was a game changer the first time, and an even bigger game changer the second time.  Being in such a supportive environment, really allows you to be who you truly are, and to dig deep into who you are here to become.  It is a magical experience, and I’m forever grateful for it.”

Heather - New Mexico

You deserve to go bigger, expand your gifts and talents, and have the life that you have been dreaming of!

Do you want to be magnetic and are looking for tools to grow your abundance and monetize your mission?

Are you ready to expand and elevate to your next level of happiness?

You need a break to think and reconnect, to come into yourself and hear yourself in a new way….

Here’s the truth……

YOUR SOUL WANTS an appointment with you!

Let go of the fear that is holding you back. It’s time to say yes to YOU and join us in Palm Beach to expand and elevate to your highest potential….

Are you ready to fully step into your authentic power and have the life and business that you have been dreaming about?

Your commitment to step up to a new level will activate your truth and expand you to a new level of success.


“It was so amazing! It’s hard to find the words to describe the experience! I healed, and learned so much. My experiences at home are astonishing! My relationship with my husband is happy and healthier. I landed step one of my dream job. My life is progressing so much and I know it has a lot to do with my experience with Cameo and Suzanne.”

Kristen - Michigan

Are you ready to reconnect to the power that lives within you?

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    Reclaim your power, redesign your reality, and enter into an exciting new phase of your life… one that’s enlivening, exciting and full of joy and expansion!
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    Let go of the old habits and patterns that keep you locked in overwhelm, busyness and stress keeping you stuck. Feel fully alive, energized, and eternally young in your body, heart and mind. Be able to expand in a deeper way so you can be heard and seen on a bigger level!
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    Connect, co-create and strengthen your connection with your Higher Power so you always know the best choice and right action to take on your new path. Liberate your creative playfulness, sense of wonder and capacity to have fun!

This will be a time to connect with those who choose to follow their dreams and are dedicated to a passion filled life.

We have created an event that will allow you to attract the greatness that you were born for.

If you’re ready to tune in and say yes to your greatness, if you’re ready to connect with that wise, all-knowing part of you and receive the guidance, energy and big boost of courage you need to create what’s next for you… know this:

You can’t keep running around with an over-flowing to-do list and have the internal shift you are ready for happen! This experience will allow you to TRULY hear that wise voice inside of you and guide you to the next right action. This is the time to step into your full power and create something new, different, and deeply satisfying for yourself.


… you’ll get to connect with other amazing souls who, like you, are ready to take a stand for what they want and what they need to live a life full of love, joy, abundance, excitement, connection and inner peace.


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    Clearly hear, feel and even see your own inner guidance and receive the messages you need to make wise and powerful changes in your life. Step out of the ordinary and soar into the extraordinary, every day of your life.
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    Transform your relationship with time and money so you always have an abundance of both. Maximize your power to manifest anything: money, perfect health, success, loving relationships, your secret dreams, ideas and goals. Co-create with your Higher Power, enjoy your part of the process and let the universe do the rest.
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    Experience unlimited joy, love and creative inspiration. Move beyond the patterns, habits and perspectives that limit your ability to create what you want in your life. Receive the loving support of other like minded souls who know how you feel and believe in your dreams.

How would it feel to wake up and be transformed in every way?


“This experience will transform your life! All you have to do is show up and be present.”

Sondra - New York

You need to break away from your routine, from the habits and responsibilities that keep you locked in the status quo. You need to nourish yourself in a stress-free, healing environment where you can breath deep, let go and connect…..And have some fun!

Come on!

It’s time to give yourself the time, space, support and full-out fun your higher self is asking for!

sales-page_06Join Us At:



– Where –

5 Star Luxury Eau Resort

Palm Beach, Florida

(Beach Front Hotel!)

– When –

Check in is April 27th 2017

Check out is April 30th 2017

(Early bird pricing is available to the first 20 people who sign up)

I am ready to ignite and expand!

*Pricing includes entire 3 day event, plus assorted luxury meals.
(Lodging is not included)

“A magical, powerful and transformational time to release and feel free. This experience was a  life upgrade and a true catalyst for change! ”

Xamara - Texas

What you will receive:

A 3 day and 3 night customized experience of a lifetime! You will leave feeling renewed, refreshed, empowered and like you have a clear purpose! You will leave with a new community of friends and high vibe souls.

* Pricing includes entire 3 day event, plus assorted luxury meals. (Lodging is NOT included)

Learn the steps to uplevel your highest wealth consciousness. Anchor in your life purpose to monetize your mission to a new level.

Multiple sessions and workshops with a special selection of key note speakers helping you to release what is no longer serving you and showing you how to expand your authentic power.

Teachings, energy healings, and energy activations with Cameo Gore and Suzanne Adams. Tools, helping you to create the life of your dreams. You will leave with empowering next steps to implement at home!

Move your body by experiencing customized beach front yoga designed specifically for you.

Lifelong and soulful connections with an uplifting and supportive high vibe tribe.

Total immersion in luxury accommodations with this gorgeous beach front property soaking up all of the healing energy the ocean breeze and this elevated group will offer you. Unlimited access to the 5 star Spa and beach front pool and lounge area.

Connecting to your internal happiness, feeling free and elevating to the next level of where you want to be.

Healing sound bath, Kundalini Yoga, and transformational breath work.

Special Guests


Cassandra Bodzak is a global meditation and wellness teacher who instructs people on how to utilize the technologies of food, meditation, and self-care to make peace with their bodies and their plates. Cassandra is the host of Eat with Intention TV or you may know her as the happy, healthy living guru from ABC’s The Taste. Cassandra is an author, speaker, and certified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. Her book “Eat with Intention” is all about quieting your mind, loving your body and nourishing yourself from the inside out.


Hayley Hines is the Founder of Soul Sparkle, Inc. events and experiences and the creator of the Soul Sparkle Collection. She is an inspirational speaker, spiritual guide and author of the forthcoming book Soul Sparkle Living: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Life.  She is also the host of Soul Sparkle Radio. 


Melanie Haraldson is a Certified Health + Functional Nutrition Coach with a specialty in hormonal and reproductive health. Melanie is also a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, specializing in yoga for recovery.  Melanie’s purpose is to inspire others to take charge of their own health, to better understand exactly what their bodies are communicating to them by way of signs and symptoms and to understand that wellness relies within.


Pam Butler is a certified Chopra Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, a certified Hot Fusion™ Flow Yoga Teacher, and a Creative Insight Journey Transformational Coach. She creatively uses body movement and mind practices to help quiet the mind and relax the body.  Her unique combination of yoga and meditation comes from a place of deep experience.


Danielle Mercurio is a professional speaker, spiritual teacher, and comedic host. It is her deepest desire to inspire people to live a life that feels on purpose. After finally having enough of playing it “safe”, Danielle left her Corporate job in NYC to pursue her passions of coaching and speaking. It has led her to work with 100s of people across the globe and empower them to pursue their passions. She also started bringing comedy into the spiritual space, with her one woman stand-up show, Gypsy Unplugged.

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET AWAY, LET GO, AND RECLAIM YOUR POWER, so that you can truly know what you want and see how quickly you can manifest it into your life.

Let’s manifest my best life!

*Pricing includes entire 3 day event, plus assorted luxury meals.
(Lodging is not included)



“My experience with Cameo and Suzanne totally exceeded my expectations! It was transformational, inspirational, motivating and self-healing! Another great part, was creating amazing friendships for life! ”

Karen - Louisiana

“Mind shattering. Magical. An amazing couple of days full of love, reflection, and growth that worked as a springboard for wonderful changes.”

Allison - New Mexico

“I left feeling transformed, gaining huge clarity, and really feeling the connection with who I am.  The retreat brought together a group of people who were instant friends, and provided an atmosphere of openness and security in the same moment. I am forever grateful for this amazing experience.”

Amanda - Michigan

“This experience allowed me to experience, explore and witness my own divine power. I can honestly say I walked away with the tools to create a life of abundance and joy. Having this experience with such an amazing group of women solidified just how powerful we can be! Thank you Cameo Gore and Suzanne Adams for providing a game changing experience!!!”

Jess - Utah


sales-page_57 Suzanne Adams is a best selling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Life Purpose Consultant that is sharing her zest for life with audiences around the globe.

She believes that having fun and following your passion are the keys to finding true happiness and living a life of fulfillment and joy!

Suzanne was a Speaker at the 2016 Hay House World Summit and is so excited to share with you her secrets to attracting happiness and freedom into your life! Suzanne is thrilled to be leading workshops and retreats around the world.

She also loves to share her secrets to success with you through her books, digital courses, and inspirational talks.

You can find out more about Suzanne at

Cameo Gore is the Lifestyle and Business Success Coach (and modern intuitive) that you need on your team if you’re a creative, conscious woman ready to make great money from your spiritual gifts on your terms.

A certified energy healer and business coach with 15 years experience making millions for others, Cameo both brings razor-sharp intuition and solid business acumen to the table to help her clients create thriving businesses with soul-driven business strategy and spiritual alignment.

When she’s not Skyping with clients or hosting beautiful retreats around the globe, you can find Cameo soaking up the sun on the beach, booking a midday massage, hiking on the trails or hanging with her husband and kids.

Learn more about building a business that makes bank from your natural gifts at

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*Pricing includes entire 3 day event, plus assorted luxury meals.
(Lodging is not included)

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